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About us

Hey guys, welcome to Luna Clothing, the fashion brand run by Beth and Soph

We thought that we would give you a little background information about ourselves and how we came to be the gals behind Luna clothing. Luna was created in 2014, we were both away studying at different universities (Sophie in LCF studying 3D effects & Beth at Southampton studying geography). We would send orders from our bedrooms and send items in the post office every week, simultaneously our Instagram account was growing and our followers were loving what we put out. By the end of our university courses we realised that we wouldn't be venturing into a job using our degree and both of us decided to work full time on it back in our hometown Swansea.

Luna is a reflection of our own fashion taste and our personal ideas and designs, which is why its so close to our hearts. We know the feeling of wanting to be on trend but at the same time not blowing your whole budget on clothes (the feeling of student life!).

We stock from the best independentbrands around the world!

We will always be upfront and honest to our customers about what they are buying and we try to do our best to deliver on what we think our customers will really love. We are a two woman band and we do everything from designing and making, sourcing new trends, styling and marketing, to packing orders and communicating with all of our customers. We appreciate all of our lovely loyal customers, our new customers, our supportive friends and family. Thanks you to everyone that supports us and purchases from our website. All of our love goes into every order and we will continue to do our thing! Lots of Love!

Sophie and Beth xox